What soil should I use?

A mix of one third pearlite and two thirds potting soil is recommended. The pearlite is to improve drainage.

How do I get free buckets?

I've had the best luck with donut shops and bakeries, which have large 5 gallon buckets for donut cream, fruit, and other ingredients. Places that sell bulk foods may also have buckets from things like peanut butter, and places that sell sandwiches get buckets for their pickles.

Here are all the places I've gotten buckets in San Francisco. I recommend going to small local bakeries for a small number of buckets, and only going to baked good manufacturers if you need a lot.

Ultimate Cookie -- 100 buckets (assorted baking ingredients)
Raison D'ĂȘtre -- 21 buckets
Gerhard Michler Fine European Desserts, retail location Jolt and Bolt -- 20 buckets
Clairesquares -- 16 buckets
Dianda's Italian American Pastry -- 15 buckets
Sweet Things -- 9 buckets
Pan Lido -- 7 buckets
Prickly Pig Co -- 5 buckets donated by Claire!
Burger King -- 4 buckets (pickles)
Rainbow Grocery -- 3 buckets (Rainbow usually has one or two whenever I ask their bulk section.)
Grand Mission Donuts & Bakery -- 2 buckets (Bavarian cream)
Pancho Villa -- 2 buckets (cream for their stuffed churros)

How can I DIY a kit?

Check out my instructable!

How can I buy a kit?

We are selling buckets for pick up in the San Francisco Mission for $50, plus tax. Fill out this form if you would like to buy one.

Where can I find a community?

Join a community of DIY urban farmers and check out all the grow bucket resources on spacebuckets.com